Terrific Tuesdays

Our Terrific Tuesdays program offers an opportunity for your child to experience a stimulating and fun learning experience on a wide variety of topics. Our teachers encourage your child to explore the topic and engage them through art, literature, science, math and movement. Choose the topics that interest you or sign up for them all! Paperwork is available in the Preschool Director's office or below.

Program Details

  • held on most Tuesdays throughout the school year

  • Terrific Tuesdays are held in the 3’s Classroom

  • Terrific Tuesdays are held from 9am - 11:30am

  • Cost is $20 per day/per child


Sign Up Sheets

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 Links to Required Forms for Non-Students

Cover Letter

Enrollment/Emergency Contact Info

Release Form

Diaper/Pull-up Changing Form

Medical Form

Birth Certificate (bring original-we will make a copy)